Our mission is simple. To enable our clients to unlock the massive potential that digital content offers to make their businesses more successful, memorable and understood.

Our story

Our journey as Somersault started in 2012 but the core team has been working together since 2009, building YouTube Channels, producing branded content and developing video-based apps. We’ve generated a lot of insight and refined our approach on the back of knowing what works (and importantly what doesn’t quite work). So with over 10 years under our belts we’re something of veterans and experts in this new world of digital content.

We’re humbled to work with some of the world’s most important and influential brands and businesses, to travel the world on their behalf and to have won enough awards that we bought a little sideboard to put them on.

We don’t claim to know everything but do know that when we combine our specialist insights and expertise with our hunger to keep unearthing new things and our unswerving commitment to making our clients even more successful, then things work out. And lead to relationships that last, perhaps best evidenced by the fact that most of our Clients partner with us for more than just a one off project and treat us as an extended part of their team.

We also know that being kind and having a bit of fun together helps. From the first meeting or call, the early morning arrival for a full day (sometimes night) shoot, presentation of the final output or stepping back at the quarterly performance review. And every visit to Sawston where you might join our Monday morning 10 by 10 weekly kick off, request a tune or two to be played in the office background, stick around for one of our regular BBQs or just need a lift to and from the station.

Always with a Somersault smile :)

Team trainingSomercamp.

To keep ourselves sharp, together and looking to the future we created Somercamp, our annual training and planning retreat.

It's our spaceOur space.

We bought and transformed our workspace in 2016, giving us a permanent home in the heart of one of the most exciting and innovative regions in the world, on the south side of Cambridge. Great work thrives in a great environment and we're proud of the space we've created.

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