Welcome to award-winning animation for business audiences. We simplify the complex and bring life to future concepts.

Animation expertise

Conceptual and future vision
Product explanation and demonstration
Character and scene led animation
Brand animation and assets
Advertising and social media content
2D and 3D animation

Somersault has been one of the UK’s leading animation studios for business audiences for more than a decade. From inspiring concept films and product demonstrations to major event and brand hero films, we’ve produced them all, extensively.

We approach every project with a combination of considerable experience and fresh curiosity. Couple this with our deep understanding of the context and objectives of the buyer journey stages, and we think we’re pretty uniquely placed as an animation partner.


Somersault’s in-house animation department enables us to deliver full production management of animation. From the development of concepts and translation of brand assets into animated elements, to full animation production including sound design, voice casting and outputting to for multiple formats and screen sizes.

We’ve produced animated content for everything from small screen and social media through to building projections, curved screens and bespoke LED installations.

We bring huge ambition to every project. But we also bring pragmatism and efficiency.

Our goal is to maximise opportunities in animation production. By understanding our clients’ bigger-picture plans, we build animation projects that enable efficient production of assets for future briefs and needs.


Console connect // App onboarding

Condeco // Office demo

Third Bridge / Private Equity

Console Connect / Edge SIM