5 B2B video themes to embrace for 2020

With year-end fast approaching, have you geared your B2B marketing to fully unlock the potential of video and animation for the start of 2020?

Somersault’s CEO and Founder Colin Miles shares five themes to give your B2B marketing a head start into 2020.

Theme 1: Stepping back and planning

We are witnessing an unprecedented ambition to have a more joined up approach that drives effectiveness and efficiencies across 2020. We’re experiencing a variety of planning approaches from our B2B Client partners this year, some leaving it later than usual and reacting to short term trading demands, others stepping back and sticking to a more considered laydown. Some are tackling challenges in house, others benefiting from our fresh eyes and external perspective.

Our planning team are spending time working with clients helping to bring client teams and plans together, and some of the most productive sessions are hosted at Somersault’s Sawston offices where Clients tell us they are inspired by the freedom of being away from the office and surrounded by other B2B success stories, see this feedback from Genevieve Palmer, Head of Marketing at Oktra.

Theme 2: 20:80 approach to prospect pain points

Many B2B brands ask potential new customers to talk to them in order to buy from them, others use a more direct online journey. Our work with some of the most important and influential B2B brands is increasingly analysing these journeys to identify where video and animation can compliment the business’s current approach and compliment the sales drive to secure more prospect engagement and conversion. Of all the content that is produced we are typically seeing how 20% is delivering 80% of performance.

Our B2B experience and insight combined with rigorous testing and learning has helped B2B brands to double their social media engagement, step change lead generation and increase website conversion by up to 900%. You can see a few of our most satisfied B2B partners here.

Theme 3: Content that Customers want 

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we‚Äôve had during 2019 is how Somersault’s response to briefs for video and animation is delivering work that customers (as well as our client partners) would derive value from, to the point that they stay, spend more and share their advocacy. If your B2B brand has more than one customer type you may wish to explore developing content that can easily be tailored to specific customer personas and segments.

Theme 4: Making Products easier to understand

When it comes to product we are privileged to work with some of the most innovative B2B brands and know how much goes into developing and researching new go to market propositions and services. For inspiration as to how you might be able to bring your products to life in 2020, see our recent work for:

‚Ä¢   job.com – ai and blockchain tech in recruitment

‚Ä¢   Condeco – cloud technology that‚Äôs shifting the way desks and meeting rooms are booked

‚Ä¢   Oktra – human design and development of some of the best workspaces in the world

Theme 5: Maximising investment with your content archive

We’re occasionally surprised how the B2B brands we work with conceive a brief for a single minded output only to be blown away when we share with them how to maximise their existing archive and how content we’ve captured can be easily repurposed for other business benefits. Many an internal communications film evolves from this and HR teams delight in video and animation partnerships with the marketing team, from recruiting talent to engaging employees.

Our brand new approach to creating templated assets and video brand guidelines are also proving a popular tool in the mix for B2B marketers in 2020.

To find out more about how Somersault‚Äôs services can help you start 2020 on the front foot get in touch.

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