We bring Science to Life With Microsoft Research...

Apr 17, 2012

We recently teamed up with Microsoft Research to produce two live outreach lectures that showed science at its most exciting. Hosted by the University of Cambridge and presented by world renowned Scientist, Chris Bishop, the lectures were aimed at people of all ages and tackled the 'Science Behind Fireworks' and 'Chemical Curiosities'.  Chris Bishop demonstrated some spectacular experiments and even enlisted help from members of the 500-strong audience. We met the challenges of live production head on by capturing each lecture using three cameras, as well as taking care of all lighting and sound. 

Chris Bishop commented:  

“Something I love about doing this kind of lecture is audience engagement; seeing the reaction of the audience, doing something that is a little bit surprising, that they’re not quite expecting.”

Since filming took place, we've produced an HD version of the lecture to appear on the website of the Royal Institution. We also authored a DVD that will be sent out to schools nationwide.

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