So your tech business has ambition for 2020

Jan 28, 2020

Proud to work with some of the world's most influential technology companies, Somersault help them convey their most important thoughts, ideas and statements. 

From global superbrands to some of the fastest growing 'ones to watch' including several Cambridge neighbours, Somersault develop films and animations that make businesses more successful, memorable and understood.

This 57 second overview film captures just some of Somersault's recent outcomes from working closely with tech business leaders, inspirational marketing folk and HR decision makers.

Here's a bit more detail that highlights just some of the areas we are impacting:

  • Positioning brands and launching products - trusted with creating brand awareness content across artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud software and innovative hardware solutions. Sharing core value propositions, and showing brands as disruptors in their industry
  • Winning new leads, engaging prospects and driving conversions - living and breathing performance targets, technology businesses have seen a x9 uplift in conversion when prospects engage with Somersault created videos
  • Growing and retaining customers - capturing authentic customer experiences and demonstrating the impact of technology solutions are helping to grow the value and tenure of Somersault's partner customers
  • Attracting & retaining talent in the competitive tech sector - a hub for tech companies in the UK and Europe, over half of Cambridge’s population works in the technology sector. Somersault's moving image solutions play a vital role for HR decision makers in the battleground for talent

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