DLicious Food at David Lloyd Leisure!

Stomachs were rumbling all round on our latest shoot with David Lloyd Leisure.  The leading gym and fitness group has just launched a brand new menu full of healthy and well balanced food choices and needed a way of communicating this change to their members. The David Lloyd team felt that it was really important to let their members know the reasons behind the change, and enlisted Somersault to come up with a complete concept to explain the philosophy behind the new DLicious menu. We decided to use the people behind the change to explain the reasons for the new menu choices.  Andy Lowe, the Head of Food and Beverage for David Lloyd Leisure, is also a trained chef, so it made perfect sense for him to talk about why the menu has changed whilst creating some of his favourite dishes. We also felt it was important to explain the nutritional benefits behind the food, so we enlisted the help of Rob Beale, Head of Health, Sports and Fitness for David Lloyd Leisure.  This created a nice dynamic as they interacted on camera and gave some energy to the film. We captured some beautiful shots of the food being prepared and we are pleased to report that there was some left over for the crew at the end of the day!  You can watch the finished video here, or take a look at a short behind the scenes video here. Big thanks to the Cambridge Cookery School for providing a first class location and being extremely accomodating throughout the shoot.   Save

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