Reflections from BETT 2020

Inspired by our visit to BETT 2020 at Excel London last week, there are many reasons to be inspired by the education technology landscape. Here’s our reflection.

1. The future of education is in safe hands – Just how much tech is shaping the future of education and with the support of innovative tech brands there are hopes that this will be completely seamless in the next decade. Prioritising online safety and well-being for young people and children is a key focus.

2. Ed Tech innovators need a helping hand – Whilst Tech folk are brilliant at creating remarkable innovations and breakthrough technologies, it feels like the majority have a genuine need and interest for quality content that helps them to deliver results. How to explain simply and effectively their products was the biggest challenge.

3. Buzzwords that surrounded the show – Inspiration, Impact, Innovation, Influence.

Several exciting new relationships developing on the back of last week and it feels great to be helping the Ed Tech innovators.

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