Somersault Complete Project for the British Humanist Association

We were recently commissioned to shoot a series of videos for the British Humanist Association (BHA). The BHA is the national charity working on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. We were approached by the organisation to create a series of videos to help explain their funeral, wedding and baby naming ceremonies. The first video in the series is about humanist funerals. Clearly this is a very sensitive subject and we were helped by having some amazing contributors who spoke candidly and emotionally about their experiences. We also interviewed humanist funeral celebrant, Isabel Russo, who explained the philosophy behind the ceremony as well as more about her role. Hannah Hart, Ceremonies Marketing Officer for the BHA, explains why the organisation chose to use video: 

‚ÄúWe knew our best ambassadors would be those who have either had a humanist ceremony or attended one as a guest so we wanted to extend that experience.  Video enables us to explain it all so much better than we can do in words, using real stories rather than abstract discussion and opinion. Video also allows us to weave in different voices so viewers can understand what we do from the perspective of a client whilst also meeting a celebrant to understand what their role will be.‚Äù

The video has already been well received on both YouTube and the BHA website and we feel that the end result is a thought provoking and emotional film that really addresses the BHA’s objectives. We’ll be completing both the wedding and baby naming videos later in the year. Take a look at the finished video below:


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