Tesco Carlisle Gets a Complete Makeover!

Our latest project with Tesco Property involved us filming the complete makeover of the Tesco Metro store in central Carlisle. The store has been open for a grand total of 42(!) years, and the Tesco Property team decided it was time for a complete refit of both the store and staff facilities. Team Somersault travelled up to Carlisle to interview some of the Tesco staff and to capture shots of the old store.  They also set up a time lapse camera in store that documented the seven weeks of the renovations from start to finish. Following the refit we sent our cameras up north once again to film the reactions of the staff and the shiny new store.  To say they were happy with the new facilities would be an understatement!  In post we edited the time lapse footage to show the complete store transformation in just 45 seconds. We really enjoyed this project and it was fantastic to see the both the new store come to life and the genuine emotions of the staff.  The video will be used by the Tesco Property internal communications team. Save

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