Video and Film

Multi-award-winning video and film production, fully tuned to the needs and nuances of business audiences.

What we produce

Company, brand & vision films
Client stories and case studies
Buyer journey videos
Product video content
Big impact event and launch films
Employer and culture videos

With more than a decade crafting impactful video for B2B brands, Somersault is one of the UK’s leading production companies for business audiences. From inspiring case studies and product videos to major events and vision & mission films, we’ve produced them all, extensively.

We approach every project with a combination of considerable experience and fresh curiosity. Couple this with our deep understanding of the context and objectives of the buyer journey stages, and we think we’re pretty uniquely placed as a video partner.


Somersault is a full-breadth production business with in-house production management, producers, directors, cinematographers and post-production. We have an extensive stock of equipment, dedicated edit suites and our own 100sqm studio.

We bring huge ambition to every project. But we also bring pragmatism and efficiency.

Our goal is to maximise opportunities in production. By understanding our clients’ bigger-picture plans, we build valuable archives that enable efficient production of assets for future briefs and needs.

Given the global nature of our clients, we also work with multi-format delivery for local markets and languages, and we produce for all conceivable platforms and screen sizes.

We’re trusted by global leaders to manage all aspects of production. From casting, locations, international travel and crews to directing and elevating talent to bring the right tone and impact to delivery.


Case Studies

Storytelling from the future of work to future visions


Brand / Storytelling

Three centuries of innovation. The world's original tech company

London Stock Exchange Group

Brand / Product content

Unlocking the potential of digital content


Business transformation / Case studies

Insightful creative that attracts and retains employees in the battle for technology talent


Employee experience / Talent attraction

Cambridge consultants // Brand film

Fujitsu // Vision film