Welcome to the age of hyper-connectivity,
to more choice and information than ever before.
Welcome to the era of content overload.

The truth is that it’s never been easier to ‘do video’.
Which means it’s never been harder to stand out.
That’s what we do. We make you outstanding.

Advisors for strategy and planning. Creatives for headturning campaigns.

Craftswomen and men of outstanding video and animation.

Architects of campaign plans that cut through and deliver.

What We Do

Strategy & Planning

Our team has been pioneering digital, video and content strategy for more than a decade. Through our proprietary approach to video strategy we help clients build purposeful plans, whether that’s for a multi-year content marketing plan, an individual campaign or a specific item of content.

  • Full content strategy and campaign plans
  • Video audit and benchmarking
  • Marketing and sales funnel analysis for video impact opportunity
  • Inbound video marketing strategies
  • Video specific social media platform strategy
  • Video brand and production guidelines

Video & Film Production

Our multi-award winning production team have recently been named The Drum’s Production Agency of the Year for an unprecedented third year in a row. So you’re not just in safe hands, you’re working with the most talented and creative minds in the industry too.

From a global brand film in Milan to interviewing politicians in Namibia. From rolling with a parkour crew through the city of London to shooting fifty instagram loops in a day. We’ve got you covered.

  • Full production management including subject research, location sourcing and casting
  • Scriptwriting, script editing
  • All levels and combinations of film and video crewing
  • Aerial, slomo and specialist cinematography
  • Studio shoots
  • Full in-house post production facilities
  • Sound design, effects and grading
  • Multi-format, multi-platform delivery

Animation & Design

Animation is such a versatile and impactful way to convey key messages and bring simplicity and clarity in communication. Whether it’s 2D animation showcasing your brand, 3D modelling that brings your product to life or motion graphics that take a film to the next level.

Our award winning in-house animation and design studio delivers a full creative service, from initial visual and design identity, through detailed storyboarding to full animation in 2D and 3D.

  • Animation style and design mapping
  • Visual and design identity
  • Character, icon and asset design
  • Animation storyboarding
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Multi-format, multi-platform delivery including social GIFs
  • Animation sound design and effects

Placement & Activation

The possibilities for video activation have never been more scalable, accessible and targeted. It’s never been easier to observe and analyse audience response in real time.

If your content is going to reach its intended audience, stand out and make an impact then it has to be supported by an informed, purposeful and context specific distribution plan. It has to give consideration to audience and persona nuances, platform differences, viewing environment factors, device specific experience and much more besides.

Whether it’s a fully delivered distribution strategy or a shorter advisory brief to ensure that your video placement and activation, we can help you to build outperforming activation plans that deliver real outcomes.

  • Full campaign management
  • Social and digital platform specific campaigns
  • Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN video activation
  • On website video technologies and players
  • Personalised video
  • Split testing, outcome and impact tracking
  • Video storage and asset management
  • Campaign and content analytics and reporting