The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians. They currently have over 140,000 members in more than 90 countries.

AAT have been publishing AAT Stories in a written format since June 2016 and their Social team were keen to start bringing these stories to life through a video campaign.

The purpose of the AAT Stories campaign is to uncover the real people and heroes of AAT. These stories shine a light on students and members that have changed their life by breaking with convention and persisting despite the odds. They are an inspiration and represent the ethos and spirit of AAT.

The Work

Each story was intended to be a celebration of the individual and most importantly not a direct advert for an AAT product or service. Somersault worked with AAT to select six participants from around the UK, all with a unique story.

Creatively, the team at AAT wanted this to feel as far from ‘corporate’ as possible. Somersault developed an intimate documentary style approach, with the participants voice narrating the films as we see them in all their natural environments- at home, at work, playing with kids and taking part in hobbies.

As these films were specifically intended for social media, we produced different versions of the films according to best practice including sub-titled and square versions.


The campaign is ongoing, and so far AAT have been delighted with the results. The series has been watched over half a million times across the digital estate with record breaking engagement levels compared to previous content. The six films have also doubled the view count on their nine-year-old YouTube channel.

We are currently working with AAT to uncover new contributors that will form the next series.

Other work