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  • Product marketing
  • Lead generation

Lead agency partner for the journey from tech scale up to global leader.

Partnership overview

Condeco has evolved into a global leader in enterprise level workspace solutions, with software designed to equip everyone with the tools they need for a seamless end to end experience in today’s office.

During a five year partnership, Somersault has driven the development of brand guidelines, video and animation content, live events, product demos and explainers, digital ad campaigns, customer case studies and sales collateral.

Brand and lead generation

Somersault developed Condeco’s biggest ever US go to market campaign – increasing brand awareness in targeted states and enterprises. Securing the attention of new customers and investors. Leading to strategic investment by one of the world’s largest Private Equity firms.

Authentic thought leadership

Everyone’s experiences of flexible work will be different, depending on their job role, their industry, the strategies of their employer and even their individual work/life balance. Every person has their own stories to share, and their own insights that can help guide better outcomes for all in the future of work.

To uncover some of those stories, Somersault planned, produced and recorded a series of podcasts with the theme ‘A Week in My Flexible Work Life’. In each one, a senior business leader shares their flexible work story, including how successful it’s been for them, how their employer has handled the shift, and how they’ve been able to stay productive and foster collaboration throughout.

All recordings for Series 1 and 2 are available now on Spotify and iOS.

Kind Words

We really love having you guys as our partners and it's great working with you.

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