• Live production
  • Virtual events
  • Studio sets & filming
  • Internal communications
  • Employer branding
  • Sales enablement

Studio driven live events for Channel Sales Awards and Critical Business Updates

Partnership overview

Lifeplus is a leader in holistic wellness. With solutions covering physical activity, work-life balance, happiness, gratitude, financial stability, and community. With people dedicated to a business philosophy of building something different.

With a need to regularly engage a pan-European team of colleagues and sales associates, Somersault has developed a series of live events, all filmed, broadcast and streamed from our in-house studios.

Internal & corporate communications

Our series of live events included themes ranging from Big Top Circus and 1920s Art Deco, to Arabian Nights and Winter Ski Lodge. We created bespoke sets and with the magic of our internal team and studio technologies, engaged audiences with live broadcasts across the globe.

Engaging live events

With 2023 our fourth year of partnership, Lifeplus continues to leverage Somersault’s live events and studio set ups. With employee engagement content solutions that complement in person events.

Kind Words

Live events are vitally important to our business. Working with Somersault is like having our own TV channel. Being on set gives us a real buzz and adrenalin rush. We've learnt a lot and Somersault has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for us. If you can entertain as well as 'infotain', our audience feedback goes through the roof.

Next Project

Insightful creative that attracts and retains employees in the battle for technology talent


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