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Future Technologies brought to life in Animation.

With technology advancing so quickly, there are times when futuristic and visionary new solutions need bringing to life when still in development. Somersault's in-house 3D animation skills have supported many such briefs, bringing often complex technologies to life with state of the art design and animation. 

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The challenge.

VNC Automotive are a technology spin-out providing connectivity software to major infotainment providers and automotive manufacturers. Their software is currently deployed in over 20 million vehicles, across 20 of the world’s largest automotive brands. As a newly independent company, VNC Automotive needed a succinct and impactful animation to showcase their credentials, and to help them stand out from the competition.

The work.

We got to work scripting and storyboarding a voiceover led 3D animation which told the VNC Automotive’s story and brought the technology to life. We went for a modern and dynamic aesthetic to give an overview of the business, show the applications of the product and to illustrate the real world situations where it makes an impact. 

The outcome.

VNC Automotive now have a dynamic two minute animation which has been deployed successfully across social, email and live events in the both the US and EU.  

Somersault has also worked closely with BAE Systems in bringing to life Future Technologies, some of which will surface in years to come. We can share these futuristic animations with you on request but needless to say they have played a vital role for BAE Systems, appearing at both DSEI 2021 and at The Conservative Party Conference in October 2021.

Somersault added huge amounts of value to the storyboarding and scripting process, distilling often complex concepts into engaging content. For a content agency of the highest caliber, creativity and expertise I would thoroughly recommend Somersault for your next project.

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