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Audio storytelling - a new content weapon for B2B Marketers.

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The challenge.

In today's increasingly demanding, multi-channel B2B marketing environment, spreading a budget to deliver everything on the annual plan can be challenging. But if there’s one thing to consider as a test and learn opportunity in 2022, it might just be a little bit of innovation in audio storytelling.

44% of senior-level decision-makers including department heads, VPs, owners and C-suite executives, specifically make time to listen to podcasts, according to an Edison's Infinite Dial report, .

Mindful of maximising budgets, driving performance and creating easy to update, scalable content solutions, Somersault has supported an increasing number of B2B technology brands to develop a new form of audio storytelling. Here are just two recent examples.

The work.

Thought leadership with podcast style videos

Zoopla-powered Alto software partnered with Somersault to create and launch a new campaign aimed at engaging SME estate agents. Research and strategic insight identified that the market relies heavily on ‘me too’ downloadable e-books and pdfs. We highlighted an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by capturing and sharing refreshingly engaging insight, inspiration and advice from fellow agents and industry experts.

Featuring a series of podcast style videos called ‘the Altogether Sessions’, alongside exclusive downloadable content. Recorded and edited at Somersault's in-house Cambridge Studios, each 10-15 minute episode is hosted by property expert Lexie Carducci and explores the key challenges facing estate agents today.

On top of increasing SEO presence and social media visibility, the series drove new visitors to the website which were converted to opted-in leads, booked product demos and new sales. Beyond the campaign start and end dates, this ‘evergreen’ content remains in place for new listeners to engage with ‘on demand’.

Top of funnel brand awareness with new podcast series

When Condeco, the global leader in enterprise level workspace solutions, partnered with Somersault to plan, create and develop it’s biggest ever go to market campaign, we identified an opportunity to innovate with genuine thought leadership.

Our ambitious and brave Client team were more than happy to allocate a relatively small budget to curate a six part podcast series. Somersault’s in house team sourced a recognisable host by onboarding CNN new presenter Juliet Mann, which then helped us to attract a range of interesting guests to share their thoughts on the future world of work by shining a light on a week in their flexible working life.

The series was promoted with audio ad placements within closely related podcasts which we knew were listened to by our target audiences. Alongside this, we created a suite of social media ads for each episode containing short soundbites from each.

After weeks of monitoring download dashboards and positive feedback from a new army of listeners, a second series is being explored for 2022.

The outcome.

Somersault expects Audio storytelling and thought leadership like this to become a key part of B2B content plans moving forward and are not surprised that over a fifth of surveyed B2B marketers are beginning to incorporate podcasting as part of their content marketing efforts (source: The Content Marketing Institute).

If there’s anything we can do to explore a new audio opportunity with you we’d love to explore further together.

“This is a really exciting moment for Alto. We were looking to produce evergreen content and the strategic and creative thinking from the Somersault team really hit the mark.“

Natasha Gugolz
Senior Marketing Manager for Zoopla

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