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Post-Lockdown Return to the Office.

Condeco pioneers workspace management technology for some of the world’s most competitive organisations. They exist to help people work, meet and collaborate more efficiently.

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The challenge.

With the threat of COVID-19 forcing much of the world into lockdown, Condeco was faced with a very different challenge of how to help businesses prepare for the return to office once the pandemic subsides. The business world that emerges will be very different. This ‘new normal’ will see the workforce expecting a more flexible approach to the way we work and a likely reduction in real estate needs. Forecasts suggest that large parts of the workforce will want to reduce commute times and work more flexibly. The office will become a place to collaborate and meet with clients.

Condeco can help organisations safely return to the office and manage the new normal.

Our challenge was set in the heart of lockdown, to support our long term Client partner with a film that brings their innovative new Covid-19 solutions to life.

The work.

Working within the restrictions of social distancing to shape the direction of the brief and narrative without the ability to film and capture new footage, we collaborated closely with the Condeco Client team to create this 2 minute 40 second overview of their Covid-19 solutions. Leveraging the existing content archive and updating existing illustrations to convey the new messages, alongside creative use of stock footage.

The outcome.

The film progressed from a brief to being live on Condeco's website and social media channels within a matter of days. Condeco's Covid-19 solutions are proving very popular with the office based business community and this film has contributed to record levels of enquiries during June and July 2020.

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