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Creating a business changing brand & product film in the face of lockdown.

ScanQuo is the global benchmark for contract price modelling in Facilities Management and Proptech. Incorporated in 2018, Scanquo's software solutions are changing the industry through innovation, technology and data.

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The challenge.

There is no consistency or accuracy for contract pricing in facilities management, combined with a lack of automation in the bid and tender process. The current accepted pricing model is from floor plans and old industry guidelines which doesn't factor the buildings internal DNA and data sets that were most probably never accurately bench-marked in the first place.

Scanquo's software utilises existing 3D laser scanning, BIM & CAD files with pinpoint accuracy combined with AI to identify all assets, objects, measurements and surface areas within the interior of the building. The captured scan data and algorithms quantifies the benchmark, linking it to the operational efficiency and contract price for each specific service type within the building.

With ambitious growth plans and new investment, how to bring this to life in film despite the restrictions arising from the global pandemic?

The work.

Somersault's in house Planning and Creative team combined to explore moving image territories for Scanquo to consider within agreeable budget and timescales.

The chosen route features a combination of unique stock footage, existing client software content and newly captured film shot in Somersault's covid-secure safe shoot studio. Using blue screen technology and close ups of the product, the film is edited with a series of user friendly captions and animations that bring Scanquo's market changing brand and product offering to life.

The outcome.

Despite the challenges of lockdowns, the film went live in January 2021. Scanquo's Founders shared their delight, and the feedback from the Investor Community prior to launch has been positive. Within a few days of the film being live, the conversation was already growing via Scanquo's social media channels.

Overall it has been fantastic working with you guys and the feedback from our network with what you have produced, has been really of the highest standards. We for sure will be using you guys again and is the beginning of a long and fruitful business relationship.

Co-Founder & CEO
ScanQuo Software Ltd

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