4 video themes for ambitious tech companies to embrace in 2020

If like us you are beginning 2020 and this new decade in optimistic mood, here are four themes from Somersault’s experience of working with ambitious tech companies to unlock the potential of video and animation to make your technology even more successful, memorable and understood this year.

Theme 1: Standing out with storytelling

Somersault supported the launch of several new technology products during 2019 from ai and blockchain to cloud based software and screen led hardware solutions. Challenged to explain the key usps and value propositions to stand out from competitor offerings we are sometimes amazed at the woeful lack of storytelling used in B2B and the technology sector.

Given the blood, sweat, tears and investment that goes into developing tech products and services we are working closely with ambitious tech companies based in Cambridge and beyond to drive greater traction and performance by leveraging storytelling that lends itself to compelling content that target audiences want to engage with. Our work with Condeco and Job.com used storytelling to drive successful tech product launches during 2019.

Theme 2: Animation, film or both?

We increasingly find ourselves in conversations with tech Clients where having identified the need for moving image to support a communications or marketing challenge, there is debate around whether to use animation, film or a combination of the two.

The truth is there’s no right or wrong answer and the direction can be informed by insights around audience, brand, budget, customer segment and even the platform that is being used to communicate your message. There are times when a technology user interface is best brought to life in a ‘real-life’ shoot, others when we create beautiful simplicity by using appropriate animation as evidenced in our solutions for the likes of VNC Automotive and Zoopla last year.

Theme 3: Content that attracts and retains talent

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had during 2019 is how Somersault’s response to briefs for video and animation is delivering work that attracts and retains talent as well as customers. Located in the heart of the Cambridge Tech Hub we know the reality of the battle for talent, not just locally but increasingly London and beyond.

We’ve seen our Tech Client partners enjoy a lot of success by developing content that can easily be tailored to specific candidate and employee personas and segments. In the last year we’ve explored ‘showing rather than telling’ the experience of working for Cambridge Tech businesses including Domino and TTP, creating videos for touchpoints across the employee journey, from inspiring and attracting new candidates in their cluttered Linkedin feeds to engaging and retaining existing employees.

Theme 4: Maximising your investment in content

We’re occasionally surprised how the B2B brands we work with conceive a brief for a single minded output only to be blown away when we share with them how to maximise their existing archive and how content we’ve captured can be easily repurposed for other business benefits.

Our brand new approach to creating templated assets, advanced visual identity and video brand guidelines are also proving a popular tool in the mix for B2B and Tech businesses in 2020.

To find out more about how Somersault’s services can help you start 2020 on the front foot get in touch.

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