The Art of the Possible – creating compelling content during lockdown

It’s ok, don’t worry about those challenging objectives and targets for 2021. We’ll wait until this is all over“, said no-one in any high ambition, high growth B2B company at the start of January.

As if the uncertainty arising from the latest lockdown wasn’t enough, B2B decision makers are facing tougher challenges than ever when it comes to engaging audiences. Asked to create compelling plans and content that not only makes often complex products and services easier to understand, that drives performance and reflects the organisation’s brand. And if it can be done with quickly and cost effectively that would be ideal.

At Somersault we’ve found that it’s wholly achievable to meet and exceed our Client’s increasingly urgent needs. In the coming weeks we’ll share more. For now, a few art of the possible solutions that we’ve used to support B2B Clients with creating compelling content during lockdowns are at a glance:

1) Focused Planning and stepping back with external B2B expertise and fresh eyes

2) Storytelling that cuts through the post-pandemic noise

3) Leveraging the power of existing content archives and animation

4) A safe space to film with protocols you’d expect in Tier 5, and more

5) Relentless ambition to ‘make good’ over ‘making do’

Somersault’s mission from the day we opened our doors almost a decade ago, has been to enable our clients to be more successful, memorable and understood. We’re working alongside B2B Technology and Professional Services brands across Cambridge, the UK and the Globe. So if there’s anything we can do to help you at the start of 2021 we’d love to talk.

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