Somersault Client Hits YouTube 1m Milestone

We are proud to announce that leading online sports coaching brand,, has just reached the milestone of 10 million views and 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. We‚Äôve been working with for three years now to produce industry leading coaching videos for tennis, fitness and netball. In addition to producing video content, we‚Äôve also had had a running brief from to manage their YouTube channel and content strategy, with a specific focus on dominating key search terms. We‚Äôre really proud to have helped to reach this level of exposure on YouTube and we‚Äôre looking forward to producing more content over the next twelve months. 

Richard Wellings, Head of Marketing & Digital for Somersault commented: 

‚ÄúSeeing a client reach this milestone on a platform like YouTube is a great moment for us. has filled a gap in the market for high quality, professional sports coaching content and they are racking up some serious viewing figures as a result.”

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