Team Somersault’s Top 6 Tips for Writing a Video Production Brief

So, you‚Äôve decided that you want to create a video and now you have to sit down and put together the all important brief… This doesn’t need to be an intimidating piece of work and at this early stage it definitely does not need to be a creative masterpiece! More importantly, writing the brief will help you to qualify your reasons for wanting a video and also allow you to ask yourself some crucial questions that could save some headaches along the way… Ask yourself the following questions when putting together your brief:

1. Why Do You Want a Video?

This is a crucial and believe it or not often overlooked, question. Ask yourself why you want to create a video and what it is you would like to communicate. You should be able to answer this in a couple of short sentences or bullet points.   

2. Who is your audience?

This is another hugely important element to consider. Who is going to watch this video? Is it potential customers? Stakeholders? Employees? Knowing your audience is key when it comes to tailoring your message. 

3. What is your message?

If there‚Äôs one thing we‚Äôve learnt in our years of producing videos, it‚Äôs that people generally only take away one or two messages from a video. Try not to overcomplicate your message or cram in too much information- the outcome is often confusing and difficult to digest.   

4. What is the personality of your brand?

Linking directly with the previous point, take a minute to think about the current personality of your brand or organisation. Do you want to your personality to remain consistent, or do you want to completely change people’s perceptions?

5. What style(s) do you like?

Choosing a style is not something you need to do at this stage, but it’s always useful to find some examples of videos you like that will help to develop the brief at a later stage.

6. Where will your video be seen?

The way we are consuming video content is changing all the time and if you want to distribute online, it’s extremely crowded out there! What is the best way for you to reach your audience and how will you make yourself heard? The final things to consider are your budget and your deadline. Neither need to be set in stone, but if you have an idea it always helps! That’s it- a simple series of  questions that will form your initial video production brief. Click here to ask us any questions. Good luck writing yours! You take a look at some of our work by clicking here or view our full range of services by clicking here.

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