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Animation showcasing Global Product to HR audience.

Today’s workplace is more collaborative, more flexible, more digital and more diverse than ever before. People are driven by a need for purpose and personal value in their professional lives. They decide for themselves the type of employment contract they want and how mobile they are willing to be. SD Worx are Payroll, HR and Time solutions experts with over 70 years experience and 65,000 customers across the globe.

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The challenge.

SD Worx partnered with Somersault to create an animation designed to support the sales team in their efforts to convey the SD Worx Global Solution offering. Targeted at new customers, used to engage with them during the initial stages of the sales process. The idea being that once a prospect has been qualified they would then be visited by a pre-sales manager/ specialist who would delve into more specific product details with them.

The work.

Somersault created an animated world demonstrating the global reach and offering of SD Worx, using a combination of HR related characters and prompts relating to the HR world.

The outcome.

The animation step changed the way that SD Worx explained this key value proposition and facilitated multiple new sales conversations.

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