Sport England’s mission is to increase the number of people doing sport and activity. Their Active Design Guide encourages and promotes sport and physical activity through the design and layout of our built environment.

Following a tender process, we were appointed by Sport England to bring this guide to life through two animated films.

The Work

We worked with the Sport England team to come up with a creative visual concept that ticked the boxes of being relatable, memorable and informative.

For the overview animation we introduced our main character, Suzie, who we follow through an town that has been built using the Active Design principles.

For the more detailed ’10 Principles’ film we carried over the visual style to create 10 infographic style sections which could be used in both animations and still form.

We also provided Sport England with stills, short videos and GIF’s that were used on social media and email.


The campaign has succeeded in increasing public awareness of Active Design through Sport England’s website, social channels and email. The long-term goal will be to use these assets to influence leading policy maker with a view to changing our built environment for the better.

Other work