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Animation and digital strategy to explain apprenticeship reform.

Pearson is one of the most recognisable names in education and has been a leader in the field of learning resources and assessment for over twenty years. They create tools and provide opportunities for learners of all ages and abilities.

animation customer-acquisition strategy

The challenge.

Pearson Apprenticeships was a relatively new division created to support the growing needs of businesses. As part of a wider awareness campaign, the Pearson team needed two animated films to both explain important government reform and to position Pearson as a partner of choice for businesses looking to take on apprentices.  This awareness stage content was targeted at HR decision makers in medium to large UK businesses.  

The work.

Using a quirky 3D visual style that was already out in the market, we created an 'employers guide' to both apprenticeship reform and the apprenticeship levy for the Pearson website. Our strategy team then created a full distribution plan which included creating a range of platform specific assets for social channels and email. 

The outcome.

Pearson now have the core assets in place that will allow them to gain a 'share of voice' on this crucial topic. The apprenticeships campaign is ongoing with a range of content including a webinar series supporting the initial awareness piece.

“I'm really pleased with both videos and how they have turned out. We've never gone 'full service' for video before but I think you guys have really added value - especially through your professionalism and the look and feel of the finished product.”

Content Manager

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